Pain-free payment options

We know that many business owners and managers worry about the costs of web development, so we’ve devised a choice of helpful solutions.

Cirrus Web Design Subscription PlanWant to avoid a lump-sum payment? Choose the Cirrus Subscription Plan!

  • No major initial outlay
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Built in ongoing development and support
  • The cashflow-friendly route to a top quality website

Our monthly subscription option is an affordable, pain-free and low-risk solution which includes all development as well as ongoing maintenance, backup and support. A modest monthly charge buys you the same fully functional, professionally designed website as a one-off lump sum. Combine the Cirrus Subscription Plan with our design-independent approach and you have absolute freedom to enjoy a refreshed or redesigned site as and when your business needs it for a minimal cost.

Want a great new site that you can manage and maintain in-house? The Cirrus Fixed Payment Option is for you!

  • A single fixed fee paid in full on delivery
  • Any errors or bugs arising in first 30 days are fixed free of charge
  • Ongoing support available if required
  • Our more traditional Fixed Payment Option leaves you free to control and maintain your website in your own way. Ideal for those businesses with the time and IT expertise in-house to support changing needs and demands, this plan can also provide you with specialist technical support and upgrades on a ‘time and materials’ basis should you ever need it.

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