Design Independence

Cirrus Web Design IndependenceWe’ve merged the concepts of design templates and individual design to create stylish, bespoke and sensibly priced websites for any SME business in any sector.

Tailored technology

With Cirrus, you have a fabulous choice of sample website designs from a rich and varied library. Choose several to explore… We’ll help you 'test drive' your selections to decide on the style, design and navigation that’s right for your business.

The right design for you

Your chosen sample design is simply a starting point. Every element of your selected design can be tailored to your particular requirements. The result? Your unique website, specially created to work hard for your business.

Flexible and future-proofed

Traditional websites are built all-in-one, making it difficult or impossible to refresh or restyle them at a later date, but at Cirrus, we want your website to be free to flex and grow with your business. So we build and store your website's structure (ie page layout and menu design) and contents (text, graphics and images) separately. Then we apply the design over this framework like a 'skin'. By working this way, we make sure that your site can develop and change as you need for years ahead.

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