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Why use LinkedIn for business growth?

Here are the main reasons why LinkedIn is now considered to be a superior environment for growing your business.


LinkedIn gives you direct access to 100,000s of key decision makers - people you can do business with.


LinkedIn enables you to focus on relevant people in your target geography, industry or function and company size.


LinkedIn is a professional platform trusted by its users.


LinkedIn enables you to side-step common obstacles such as gatekeepers, GDPR rules, email spam filters and email fatigue.


Busy people become much more accessible and feel less pressured when approached through LinkedIn social messaging.

Beating a different drum

A marketing strategy incorporating LinkedIn makes your approach stand out by being different from the crowd.

What will LinkedIn4More.Biz deliver?


Feature 1

LinkedIn network growth

Learn how to safely and effectively grow your LinkedIn network with key decision makers you can do business with based on key factors such as:

  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Company size
  • and more...
Feature 2

Effective communication

Understand which message strategies work best and what to avoid so that you maximise engagement:

  • The right message content/tone
  • Delivered with an effective schedule
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Tuned into your target audience
  • and more...
Feature 3

Bells and Whistles

We can help with wealth of extras that add that bit of extra sparkle:

  • Multiple parallel process streams
  • A/B split testing
  • Monthly reporting
  • LinkedIn usage hints and tips
  • and more...
Loved by our existing clients

What people say about LinkedIn4More.Biz

Simon Atkinson

"It has been exciting and rewarding to see how our LinkedIn lead and contact generation has progressed. Highly recommended."

Simon Atkinson
Operations Director AsiaPac Region, Australia
Simon Atkinson

"It is creating valuable conversations with key decision makers, many of which have progressed into business opportunities."

Michael Goldman
Director, UK
Ian Kirk

"Has provided a constant stream of new conversations over the last 12 months and plays an important role in my business."

Ian Kirk
Managing Director, UK
Richard Bailey

"We are generating useful LinkedIn leads leading to conversations with potential clients helping to generate more business."

Richard Bailey
Managing Director, UK
Warren Green

"Has generated numerous warm leads resulting in firm business opportunities being generated directly through LinkedIn."

Warren Green
Director, UK
Jason Squires

"Reliable, efficient and pragmatic. Always focussed on the tangible result - an asset that any company would benefit from."

Jason Squires
Social Media Trainer, UK
Tony Kerr

"Has significantly grow my LinkedIn network with relevant connections and helped fill my sales pipeline."

Tony Kerr
Sales Director, UK
Susie Amechie

"This has resulted in many quality leads, many of which I would not have encountered otherwise."

Susie Amechie
Plant Design Expert, California
Waleed Shihadah

"Fantastic for anyone looking to grow their network on LinkedIn with relevant professionals and to generate leads."

Waleed Shihadah
Change Management Consultant, UK
Keith Ruddock

"Straight forward, jargon free. The activity ran perfectly and led to a healthy ROI."

Keith Ruddock
Ruddock Associates, UK
Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

What businesses benefit by using LinkedIn?

In general any B2B business that has a reasonably wide reach can benefit from LinkedIn lead generation, from the automotive sector through to web design services.

How much can you help?

We can give as little or as much help and support with your LinkedIn campaigns as you wish. We are happy to give away free advice and ideas that you can implement yourself. All you need to do is ask!

Which geographical areas are you able to work in and support?

We have helped business to use LinkedIn effectively across the UK as well as in the USA, Canada and Australia and are happy to support practically any country.

Why don't more businesses use LinkedIn for lead generation?

Either they haven't realised LinkedIn's potential for helping with business growth or they haven't worked out how to leverage it cost effectively.

Can you give any tips here?

We really prefer to talk to people first! That way we can understand their requirements and taylor our advice accordingly. Drop us a line or click here to schedule a call.

What's the best way to move forward?

Drop a line to or call +44 (0)1924 829393 / +44 (0)7584 415452 and we can explain how to start your journey.

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